The foundation for a holistic approach to innovative planning was laid in 1986 with the inception of Urban Dynamics Inc., Town and Regional Planners.

Our Cape Town office was established in 1991 and since then played a leading role in development planning. With our unparalleled vision and commitment to empowering all Southern African communities during the process of upliftment, Urban Dynamics embarked on a systematic programme of expansion.

This task witnessed the transformation of the Cape Town office from its modest beginnings to a town planning company with both national and international footholds.

It is our undisputed belief that the dynamic, ever altering face of town planning requires constant adaptations and innovative responses to meet the demand of a new era and this ensures that we remain at the forefront of development planning.

Our company is comitted to:

  • The expansion of our involvement and positive support to all communities in Southern Africa.
  • The quest for improvement of quality of life for all people through research and implementation of innovative planning solutions.
  • Enhancing our corporate identity and that of our client by providing a professional service and quality product.
  • Continual improvement, broadening of skills and enhancing the working environment of our personnel.
  • job creation and development projects.
  • Maintenance of our professional integrity, impartiality and independence in dealing with our clients, the public and fellow professionals.

As one of the primary initiators of comprehensive community participation throughout Southern Africa, we seek the confidence, commitment and involvement of all communities in determining their own priorities. The combination of community skills and resources in conjunction with our planning expertise lays the foundation for the cohesive and socially acceptable development of our nation.

Human Resource Development is one of the key factors within our policies and mission statement. Our HR portfolio includes, amongst others:

  • capacity building and training workshops for communities relating to development;
  • empowerment by means of in-house training to disadvantaged members of communities;
  • town planning bursaries to disadvantaged students;
  • a visible and constructive affirmative action policy; and
  • job creation and development projects.

Urban Dynamics has the experience, skill and resources to undertake all aspects of town planning. We therefore ensure that our extensive network throughout Southern Africa caters for the broad spectrum of planning related activities.