The Team

The team at Urban Dynamics has extensive experience in all aspects of town and regional planning and we currently employ the personnel listed below:

Willem Herbert M. TRP A/624/1990 Managing Director / Town Planner 36
Paul Olden M. TRP A/1162/2000 Director / Town Planner 29
Gerhard Swart M. TRP A/1126/1999 Director / Town Planner 27
PJ Lerm B Art et Sc (TRP) A/163/2009 Associate Director / Town Planner 14
Jaco van Tonder B Art et Sc (TRP) A/2238/2015 Senior Townplanner 13
Nick van der Merwe M.TRP (SA) A/07/2004 Senior Town Planner 16
Martin Botha M. Trp A/2518/2017 Townplanner 5
Anke Wasserfall B.Art et Sc A/2857/2019 Junior Town Planner 3
Manie Papenfus B.Art et SC A/2796/2019 Junior Town Planner 4
Ferdi Britz ND. Survey GTc ES 2172 - SAGC Registration Cadastral Specialist 28
Albert Ellis HonsBA.Geography & Environmental Study GTgGISc 1059 - SAGC Registration GIS Specialist 12
Pieter Buckle ND.TRP B/8305/2015 Technical Planner 11
Erika Bezuidenhout - - Admin Manager / Personal Assistant 36
Elmien Nothnagel - - Senior Secretary 26
Maryke Truter - - Secretary 26
Louisa Volschenk - - Secretarial / Financial Assistant 26
Gezina van Reenen - - Office Assistant 39